I am a bookworm at heart because I really enjoy reading books as much as possible. Every other week I visit my public library and check out books for school and personal entertainment. I almost always have a book with me in case I get bored or have some extra free time. I really enjoy the worlds my imagination makes up while I read!

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Watch movies

I could spend days just watching movies. Like the books I read, I tend to get lost in the movie and not be aware of anything or anyone else. I've put below some of my favorite movies for you to check out. Keep in mind that these are just a few of my favorites, though. I think I lost track of how many movies I've seen. My favorite genres are comedy, romantic, adventure, foreign, supernatural... well, just about anything except horror because those give me nigthmares.

Johnny Depp movies

The movies below I've had to see numerous times because of my little sister who's just 6 years old and loves anything Disney. I recommend them if you have any younger siblings!

Disney movies

Listen to music

My Ipod is almost always with me because it relaxes me and is very therapeutic. My favorite genre is Pop and Latin, but I would listen to just about anything if I have to.



I've been traveling since I've been little so it's really exciting and enjoyable for me. I've been throughout Europe, to Argentina (as an exchange student), and, of course, here in the United States. I was born in Romania but came here in 2004 during 5th grade. I hope to visit every continent in the future and learn many foreign languages in the process!